• Be + Efficient + Healthy + Responsible + Ecological + Inteligent

    Currently, the demand for energy efficiency has dominated the Constrution sector, even specific legislation has been created for it, resulting in a growing concern with the enviroment and with the European directives. However, the concern for Health issues has been forgotten in detriment to energy eficiency. When you built a Property the only concern are energy principles, the final result are air tight homes, and with no air circulation inside, we gain energy eficiency, but we create a ventilation problem with no renowal of interior air, creating a low quality air supply. The CASA PRO ERA analize this issue, measuring the relative moisture of air, and in some cases we observed that in certain periods of the day, the moisture level reached 90%.

    The creation of the concept SER+ HEALTHY, EFFICIENT, RESPONSIBLE, emerged from the need to have a integrated response for our clients, that adressed the challenge of having a solution that represented more confort and more quality of life (with health benefits and well-being) and at the same time, resulting in a effective way to reduce energetic costs, inerent to the operation of the House, so that it would still be environmentally friendly. This inovation lead to a exclusive partnership with Portugal with the Group SOLER & PALOU, world lider in mechanic controlled ventilationm (VMC solution). This solution is already available in every ERA Store, and it will be applied in every CASA PRO ERA construction without it representing added costs to the final customer.


    1) Bioclimatic Architecture

    The Bioclimatic Architecture consists in the design of buildings considering the climatic conditions, utilizing Natures available resources (sun, vegetation, rain, wind) to minimize the environment impact and to reduce energy consumption.

    • Solar Orientation
    The design of buildings has in consideration the correct solar orientation, always considering the larger spans from east to west, and the smaller spans from north to south, and the inclusion of elements to control the solar incidence, such as shade areas, using natural means. This allows for energetic gains over 50%.

    • Solar Reflection
    We opted preferably by painting houses in bright colors, a front light color absorbs less than 65% of solar heat that a facade of dark color.

    • Plantation of 2/4 of Trees
    Depending on the morphology of the land and the house built, Deciduous trees are planted, these trees have many leaves in the summer, which helps protect the habitation of spare spokes. And in winter with falling leaf, can become a better utilization of existing sun, allowing to heat the house. Studies indicate that this type of tree planting can provide savings of direct energy in the order of 10%.

    2) V.M.C.-Ventilation. Mechanic. Controlled.

    Through an exclusive partnership with the Spanish multinational Soler & Palau, for Portugal, the houses benefit from controlled mechanical ventilation allowing a steadily fresh air renovation of the house, by replacing the stale air for fresh air, which has enormous health benefits (lower incidence of head aches and respiratory diseases: allergies, bronchitis, asthma, etc.).. This system also combines a temperature exchange system allowing an enormous energy efficiency, providing a 90% recovery of the inner temperature.

    3) Exterior Coating using Capoto

    The Capoto System, is an ETICS approved with proper techniques and features appropriate thickness, applied continuously to the exterior of buildings, and that contributes to optimizing the energy performance of a building - involved about 30% of energy waste.

    4) Solar Panels

    A system of water heating through solar panels enables energy savings of up to 70%.