• Our Commitment in the service CASA PRO ERA

    List of Commitments for CASA PRO ERA

    The work will be executed in perfect conformity with the architectural designs and specialties, and with the specifications described below and other technical conditions, so they are assured the features of strength, durability, functionality, and quality specified. When not defined the construction techniques to adopt, is compelled to follow it applies to the work to be carried contractor, legislation, regulations, standards and specifications, existing Eurocodes and approval documents and instructions of manufacturers and Entities patent. All materials to be employed in the work shall be of the best quality available, have the dimensions, shapes and other characteristics defined in the project, and must satisfy the conditions required for the purposes intended.


    The excavation works are grouped according to the nature of the soil (soft / hard), and the quota of project, being included all work and supplies necessary for the proper execution, with some restrictions.
    The concrete will be used in pillars, beams, slabs, retaining walls, bearing walls. guards and others defined in the project.

    Steel reinforcement for concrete is usually round bar of A400 or A500 class as reference in the Project Structure. All these steels shall meet the requirements in force applicable thereto.

    The drains will run in ditches or trenches, laid on the ground next to retaining walls or land in the vicinity of buildings, filled with gravel or other aggregate material not intended to facilitate the flow of soil water and bring them to the local appropriate that does not harm normal execution and operation of the building.

    The bricks will have to apply the dimensions specified in the project (30x20x11 in brick masonry and interior thermal block 25cm in exterior masonry), satisfying the applicable regulatory requirements, and other characteristics as having homogeneous texture, free from any foreign bodies have shapes and dimensions regular and uniform with the tolerances specified in Technical specification or standard applicable;

    1) Flat roofs:
    About the cover slab should be made a shape layer in lightweight concrete yielding a minimum, perfectly regularized gradient of 1.5% so as not to cause puddles. The waterproofing system is applied in cross asphaltic screens, over the entire surface coverage including parapets, curbs and all shots are necessary to perfect finishes. To end will be placed insulation and a geotextile layer antipunçoamento and cobble layer. In shots with walls firewall flashings and guttering, flaps, skirts and diapers will be used in pre-lacquered plate 1.5 mm to ensure the perfect tightness of the roofing.

    2) Sloping roofs:
    Base on the roof lightened slab section and armor type specified in the project specialty, with tile lusa kind, trademark approved with production in shots with chimneys, clearings and Laros tabs frilly skirts and diapers will be used in pre lacquered to ensure the perfect tightness of the roofing.

    1) Capoto Sistem:
    The exterior walls will be implemented in thermoroll with 24 cm thick, laid with mortar pre-dosed, with the isolation of these, consisting of "EPS" Expanded Polystyrene plates "capoto system."
    2) Screeds:
    The floor screed will be laid on standing rigging (washed and soaked), its thickness shall be at least 0.02 m and will have as main determinant of the quota provided for in clean design;

    3) Plasters:
    The surface seated on running surfaces which guarantee perfect adhesion to the other layers, the good and tight mortar stroked in successive layers to a total of specified thicknesses. always applying a layer before the previous meet completely dry;

    4) "Seral" projected:
    Coating interior walls with gypsum application designed type "Seral", smooth finish for subsequent paint plastic paint.

    5) Ceramic:
    O fornecimento de cerâmicos para as casas de banho, cozinhas, corredores, garagens. acesso pedonal, está incluído num “Plafond���� pré acordado com valor base de 15€/m2. Refere ainda a todos os trabalhos necessários à sua boa aplicação, salientando-se os abaixo indicados:

    6) 10x10 Granite Cube (carral access):
    The sidewalk shall consist of 10x10 granite cube as defined in the project;

    7) Parquet Flooring:
    All compartments except wetlands, such as bathrooms, kitchens, garages etc ... will be finished with floating floor, getting set a ceiling of € 15 m2 floor surface for applying.

    8) False Ceilings:
    All compartments shall be provided with false ceiling of plasterboard and the insulation materials and acoustic correction, whenever referred to in parts of the project.

    All elements of carpentry to provide, will be quality, autoclaved preservative product with proof of fungi and insects, by certified process.
    All material will have a final finish, including scraping, sanding the passage, painting or varnishing and all accessories work described in the project.

    1) Water Supplies:
    All tubing runs in PPR with regulatory diameters. The installation is performed according to the manufacturer's instructions and using the respective accessories.

    2) Water Drainage:
    The Network of wastewater conditions have to serve all sanitary appliances, according to regulations and the specialty design.

    3) Rainwater:
    The network of rainwater will run in PVC or aluminum tube (as proposed), draining the water from the roof terrace, balconies, porches, among others.

    The use of gas will be limited to the supply of burning appliances in service to install. Must still meet the requirements established by Portuguese standards and legislation.

    All installation, in addition to meeting the regulations in force, will execute as specialty design. Placing foci inside, outside light points and installation of telecommunications infrastructure.

    All works and supplies necessary for the proper implementation and application of natural stone, whose nature, size ready, saw cutting, surface finishing, application forms stones, assembly drawings and detailed plans are in draft.

    Supply and application of window frames in satin aluminum with thermal break and double glazing including all necessary fittings and accessories, and respecting the characteristics of the manufacturer and as shown in the thermal and acoustic design features. The garage will be sectioned and automated. Supply and application of fireplaces in the kitchen and living room with hats in iron, metallized and painted. Placing pedestrian gate and plated and painted carral.

    Painting plastic paint to color in the set work with supply of paints, bases and insulation, paint application and enforcement of samples needed for tinting. Washable inks are resistant to the action of fats and usual detergents.

    All sanitary conveniences take ware, taps, towel rails and mobile, with a maximum price of € 1000, by WC.

    At the end of the work, the patio and the house will be clean.