• House Ready ERA - Dream Homes key in hand!

    HOUSE READY ERA assumed as a different service and ideal for those who do not have time, focusing on rigor and quality of construction and meeting deadlines. After the licensing necessary to start the execution of the work, we are committed to build your home within a maximum period of 12 months.

    We also present a basic definition of the finishes, typified and target customer choice within limits previously stipulated. It is also possible to choose other materials and / or equipment.


    Turn Key Service

    Through a single service, we take care of everything: since the establishment of the studies and projects (including the projects of the specialties), passing by the lifting of all necessary licenses, until the construction of housing and customer certifications. Sleep tranquil, we assume your "headaches"!

    Client Manager

    Because we value always the personal relationship, we call a technician responsible for the monitoring of customer in all moments of the process. Since the first meeting until the day of the delivery of key to the villa in his hand, always has the same professional as the sole interlocutor for dealing with bureaucracies with contracts, projects, specialties, building permits, choice of finishes, the clarification of all doubts, among many other aspects.

    Project Manager

    A engineer (responsible for engineering and structure) and an architect (responsible for finishes) will be responsible for the weekly monitoring of the work to be respected the highest standards in the deadlines and the quality of the building.

    Exclusive projects

    Because every customer is unique, our homes are unique and exclusive, designed and customized for each person in a way individual and distinct, the taste of each customer. Solutions to the extent It is thinking of the interests of each client, which since the concection project to finish, everything will be shaped to your liking, as its indications and their expectation of final cost of housing.

    The best prices in the market

    We guarantee the best quality/price ratio. Our prices are highly competitive and well below the average values practiced by the market. Traditional quality construction To our homes meet the best guidelines of traditional construction, adding a broad professional direction.

    Meeting the deadlines

    We deliver your home in 12 months, as soon as it obtained the building permition. The deadline is for us the guarantee of professionalism that we have available.

    Continuous monitoring of work

    Each week, a qualified technician, engineer, or architect, will follow up and monitoring of work, that all the rules of good build and the agreed deadlines are respected.

    Monitoring online via the website

    Through the website HOUSE READY ERA you would be able to monitor the progress of the construction of your villa (in all stages of the process), without having to go to the place. THE service HOUSE READY ERA gives you online access to personalized website to view photos of the work, documents and even introduce doubts.